Thursday, April 12, 2007

A few reasons more women don't race bikes

This 34 minute film, "Killing us softly 3," regarding advertising's image of women may help explain why there aren't more women racing bikes. I encourage you to watch it and then make sure you let the women and girls in your life know that they're most attractive when they're using their smarts, actively engaging the world, and that they're much more than T & A.

I should also note, that as my friend Bev said, "If you took this as the only indicator of change, you would think there has been no progress." This is not true of course. These days, in the US, women complete college at a higher rate than men and starting salaries are equalizing, so A LOT has changed for the better. Nonetheless, watching and thinking about this will be well worth your 34 minute investment.


oldmanandhisbike said...

My wife recently mentioned to me something about this film. I am intrigued to see it.
Our youngest daughter needs to see this too. She is so easily influenced by the imagery of women in media and from madison avenue.
I can only hope that in the future, the world will judge and rewarded her for the person that she is and can be.

dale said...

I watched it and sent the link to Danna to watch, and if she agrees, to let our two teenage age daughters watch. Our girls don't read the women and entertainment magazines where most of the advertisements in the video came from.

Our girls hear me periodically rant about the entertainment industry as junk.

Danna tells me how difficult it is to find clothing for teenage girls that looks good but doesn't highlight sexiness.

One of the reasons we homeschool is to remove some of the mainstream socialization pressure and get them more comfortable with thinking and acting outside the "popular" box.

For positive guidence, we have faith in Christ. We encourage the girls to grow in their relationships with God and be all that he has designed them to be; to exercise the gifts and talents God has given them; and if they desire, to enter professions where they can earn a living exercising their gifts and talents.

They are taught to question, understand, and when appropriate, disobey authorities; and that agreement with our (Danna and my) philosophies of life is not a prerequisite for our love.

sydney_b said...

Glad you took the time to check it out. It is really good and I hope your daughters take it seriously and understand the subtle/and not so subtle manipulation that sneaks in and affects them.

I mean, what really sent home the message to me about how effective media coverage/exposure is, is when I realized that they have sunny days in Russia too. Before you laugh, I remember when the soviet union was intact and all the media pics made Moscow look cold and gray. I think I was early twenties before I was looking at some pictures and it hit me all at once what my mind set had been.

So the ads matter to girls and boys.