Thursday, April 05, 2007


Rode the Badger to work today
in hopes of getting it a little more dialed in
before this Saturday's race. During the ride it dawned on me why I felt like I couldn't really get any power during the race and was stuck spinning my legs off .... drum roll please ... my seat was waaaay too low. I raised it at least an inch and half and now I'm feeling like myself. What was I thinking? Why didn't this occur to me in Arkansas?

I guess it must be a case of domain specificity. I mostly ride a road bike and can't stand it being a hair out of the right height, but I just didn't apply the same mindset to the mtb. Sheesh. Lesson learned.

Oh well, I thought this bike was pretty darn cool before, but with the saddle at the right height, it really is a lot better.


VeloCC said...


len said...

try that new saddle on the dirt. a touch lower than you'd go for on the road will help you manuever around the saddle.

kick some ass this weekend, girl!

sydney_b said...

that's what i did tonight, len. Made sure I could still easily get behind the seat if need be, rode the park, 'cept for the puddles, did the gully thing a few times. it think I have it about right now. we'll see.

It was great getting to meet u, btw.

sydney_b said...

Rollin' out with the expert women at noon. Love to see ya if you're out and about in the chill.

Squirrel said...

Syd, that seat post colar is a little bit big with no paint on the bike. I had the same problem at Landahl....started the race with the right saddle hieght, then at the end it had wiggled down at least a half inch. I took the colar off and dremeled a sliver out of the middle, all good now:) Kick some ass girl.


sydney_b said...

squirrel, ur a genius. Last nite i thought the cold was getting to my brain. I had raised the seat to my satisfaction before heading out to the trail. 3/4 of the way through, i felt like the seat was a tad too low, but dismissed the thot that it had slid down because I had really tightened it until i worried that i might break something.

Hmm. must get a solution for this before tomorrow.

What do you mean u dremmeled a sliver out of the middle? A vertical sliver out of the collar?

oldmanandhisbike said...

Might try turning the collar/clamp around 180 first before you dremel. I had the same problem with my Slingshot last week and that did the trick.
Good luck with the race. The season starts here in two weeks.

Danielle said...
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Marc said...

Is someone mocking me. I think I told you to keep your seat a little lower than a road bike seat.