Monday, April 30, 2007

Weekend racing results

Story to come later, but
this weekend yielded a 2nd place finish in the
Iowa City Road Race on Saturday and a 1st place finish
in the Old Capitol Criterium. Both days, the fields were over 20 women.

Saturday, April 28, 2007

Thursday, April 26, 2007

State Time Trial - May 19th

OH, and ladies...
if you haven't made plans to be part of the Nebraska State Time Trial,
you should do so. The registration says open women I think, but cat 4 will be separate. Time trials are a great way to try out the racing thing because you don't have to deal with pack dynamics. You should also keep in mind that bike racing is for folks of ALL ages. Come on out and have some fun. Racing is a great way to motivate yourself to reach your fitness goals as well as meet other people one the same wavelength.

Register on Elkhorn Valley Cycling Club's site

Finally, some sun...

Last night I was feeling poorly and the weather wasn't helping.
Cold, windy, and rainy. Someday I AM going to live someplace warm.
And, for the record, if anyone hears me bitch about the heat when it finally gets here, slap me.

Tonight, I'm doing "easy thursday," which is a high-cadence, slow mph, no drop, all welcome to practice their pack riding, kinda ride. So, if you get dropped on other rides or just want to try this road riding thing out, this is the place to be. 5:30 at 'the bench' - 27th & Hwy 2.

This weekend will find me in Iowa City for the Road Race Saturday and the crit on Sunday. Word is there will be larger women's fields, so it's a good opportunity to perhaps get points towards cat'ting up.

Monday, April 23, 2007

Cool in lincoln

Cool in lincoln
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Check this out! Jacob and jason out for a ride.

Sunday, April 22, 2007

Lincoln Plating Spring Cycling Classic

Wow. What a weekend of racing. Twas brutal, but I came away with the GC win and really had a great time despite the weather, because the people rock. I mean, it takes a little something extra in the spirit to go race your bike in 30+ mph winds.

The Time Trial
The women's open was supposed to go off at 9:26. The officials forgot us so we didn't get started till 10:30. This worked out OK for me because my heart rate monitor quit working and I had enough time to get the new one on and get it tracking before the start. The bad part about the race was that I got stuck being the rabbit and by the end Morgan Chaffin and put 21 seconds on me. I think I'm going to spring for one of those fancy helmets. I could feel the wind grabbing at my head. I should have at least taped it up.

The Road Race
The winds were ferocious with gusts clocking 40-50 mph. Consequently, the collegiate racers took a lot longer than planned and the race got way off schedule which led to the reduction of several races. The women's open and men's cat 4 was changed to 39 miles/3 laps. I made up the lost TT time though and had 9 minutes on Morgan by the end of it which took the pressure off for Sunday's circuit race.

The Circuit Race
The women's cat 4 was merged with the women's open and the time was set to 30 minutes. Typically, women's open does 45 minutes. The race went well and I took the preem and Jen Herrell took the win with her power hill climb on the finish.

The women's racing was pretty darn cool this weekend as we had more than we'd seen around here for a long time.
  • We had 7 women in the cat 4! Twas amazin' with two whose first race was this weekend and they still want to race again, if you can believe that!
  • I met another gal at the U, Megan, who is planning on doing several races this year.
  • I met Cheryl Gerkin for the first time after seeing her name on the Ciao Baby club site and wondering who she was
  • Kelly and another Megan did their first races
  • Lindsey from Omaha rocked the 4s and Janna Vavra did a fine job too with TeamFIRE

Saturday, April 21, 2007

Rollllllllllllller Derrrrrrrrrrrrrrrby

Autographs: eat ur heart out craig
Sylivia Bullet and Sister Wreaktomy

Friday, April 20, 2007

No bomb found

"Othmer Hall received a bomb threat at approximately 12:30 pm today. The
Lincoln Fire Department responded, has searched Othmer, Walter Scott, and
Nebraska Halls. No bomb was found. If you feel uncomfortable being on
campus this afternoon, you should feel free to leave the campus. Your
safety is our #1 concern."
Some engineer must not have wanted to take their final. Sheesh.
Now they're taping off my building. Sure wish i'd grabbed my bike. Maybe i'll go run errands


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Othmer roped off with police tape.

All officials seem to sport shades and smooth crowns


Alltel has no control over, and is not responsible for, the content or use of this picture or the accompanying personal message.


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They've closed off vine. So othmer engr closed too. Rumor is bomb scare in othmer
No sign of Emergency vehicles yet. Officials keeping everyone out

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Dark Roasted Blend

I love this blog. Check out the not so invincible tank pics and some other military themed images.

Gettin' Psyched ...

Yep, the Lincoln Plating Spring Cycling Classic is this weekend -- AND REGISTRATION IS NOT CLOSED so sign up. Looking like it'll be windy and maybe even rain a bit as of today. Of course, we'll race in any weather, so I'm gettin' psyched. Go ahead, push play and see what's got me in a good mood today. I dare you.

Monday, April 16, 2007

$10 education

Well, yesterday I got to know my tubeless tires. Went to a fun MTB race where for $10 you got to race a couple of laps and ended up biffing a log thing which yielded a hole in the sidewall of my formerly seemingly invincible tubeless tires. Of course, I had neglected to pack air or a spare tube. So I rode it out mostly flat thinking it would seal, but it didn't. By the time I got back to the parking lot and put a tube in it, the other racers were so far ahead there was no chance to catch anyone, so my enthusiasm for the activity dwindled to zero and I took at DNF (Did not finish).

However, I did end up riding the first half of the course twice with Ryan, and the second half of the course once during the race and once before the race with my team mate Kevin, so between that and trying to keep pace with Roxy and catch Donna, who got a fantastic start, I did manage to get some intensity in.

But, I am so ready to ride road and am looking forward to this weekend's Lincoln Plating Spring Cycling Classic -- even the time trial portion. In fact, I think I'm anticipating the TT more than the crit or othe RR because I actually have a sort of TT set up.

Sunday, April 15, 2007

too tired to post last nite

Did 70 with team mates yesterday. We started with a good sized group and had dwindled to 5 by the time we decided to celebrate the Paris Roubaix and go as fast as we could down the Mopac to Elmwood on our road bikes. At some point, we lost one more, and then there were 4 wore out roadies flying down the trail towards washouts, sticks, and a couple of really big holes. Cost me one flat. Should have had my Bontrager hard cases on. The Roubaix was further honored with a fast rotation home via the Hwy 34 shoulder with all of its crunched up asphalt, bumps, cracks, etc. By this time, my legs were pretty blown and I stayed out of the rotation and just tried to hold on to Troy, Marc, and Kevin. Finally made it home and my legs are still feeling it but I expect they'll be OK by race time today.

Goin' MTB racing in Council Bluffs. Being as it's been awfully wet in Kansas, this is the only game in town and the turnout oughta be pretty good, at least for the men's fields. Looking forward to it. Manawa is a flat, fast, twisty fun trail. The other two times I've ridden it, I've used a singlespeed cross bike. Gonna run the badger today tho.

Thursday, April 12, 2007

A few reasons more women don't race bikes

This 34 minute film, "Killing us softly 3," regarding advertising's image of women may help explain why there aren't more women racing bikes. I encourage you to watch it and then make sure you let the women and girls in your life know that they're most attractive when they're using their smarts, actively engaging the world, and that they're much more than T & A.

I should also note, that as my friend Bev said, "If you took this as the only indicator of change, you would think there has been no progress." This is not true of course. These days, in the US, women complete college at a higher rate than men and starting salaries are equalizing, so A LOT has changed for the better. Nonetheless, watching and thinking about this will be well worth your 34 minute investment.

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Seems like there oughta b a way 2 tie a sequence of commands to some kinda shortcut on my phone.

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Zen Habits

Habits are key.
I wish I could do this. I wish I could do that.
You hear this all the time, but yet wishers don't do this or that. Instead, wishers continue doing whatever it is they've been doing for x amount time and unsurprisingly stay exactly where they're at.

I am not a wisher. I am a doer. I figure if something is worth wishing for, then it's worth making actionable steps in that direction. Whether it's opting for the healthy item on a menu to take a step towards fitness, going to bed early so I can work on my PhD stuff in the mornings when my brain is at it's best, or simply making my bed in order to make an effort at being tidy (unnatural for me).

Being a doer is not easy, but the best way to go about it is to develop daily habits, the execution of which yield the objectives you desire. I mean, so long as your pointed in the right direction, it doesn't matter how big the steps are or even if you pull yourself along with your lips, so long as you keep moving, you'll eventually arrive at where you want to be, so I thought today I'd share a blog that I've found recently that has helped me get back into the groove of my early morning habit.

The blog is "Zen Habits" and the post I've linked you to is "Big rocks first."

Monday, April 09, 2007

Badger rave

OK, I registered wrong for Ouachita and didn't get Badger Cycles listed as my team as was originally planned. I truly couldn't have ridden that course w/out such a well made and fitted bike. It made up for much of my technical weakness.

As part of my penance, I give you the Badger Badger Badger Trance Version to wake you from your afternoon post lunch stupor.

Sunday, April 08, 2007

Roadie-friendly course yields win

Psycowpath #1 Tranquility was a short course and with my first lap being 22 min and subsequent laps being 20 min ea. The expert women did 4 laps instead of 5 because one gal wanted to do that and Roxy and I agreed because it was awfully cold and windy and a large portion of the course was out in the open. There were a few wrecks, but none of them were mine. I had one crossing over these concrete things that was sloppy enough to prompt the guy behind me (Nate Woodman) to say something like "I'd straighten that up" or something like that. I agreed and subsequent crossings were right down the middle and went smoothly. I also have to learn to turn my shocks on and off. I spent a lot of energy on the uphill that could have been better used had I gone rigid for the climbs. I'm seriously considering a little note on my bars to remind me. :)

Thanks to Christine for the pic. Check out her blog for more info about the race and the course.

Friday, April 06, 2007


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Handle bar too long? Brake lever in the way? Grind'em down on the freeway. Failed rack strap shortens surly bar

Thursday, April 05, 2007

More MTB


The Psycowpath MTB series kicks off Saturday, so me and the Badger get to have another weekend together. This time for a 'short' race.


Rode the Badger to work today
in hopes of getting it a little more dialed in
before this Saturday's race. During the ride it dawned on me why I felt like I couldn't really get any power during the race and was stuck spinning my legs off .... drum roll please ... my seat was waaaay too low. I raised it at least an inch and half and now I'm feeling like myself. What was I thinking? Why didn't this occur to me in Arkansas?

I guess it must be a case of domain specificity. I mostly ride a road bike and can't stand it being a hair out of the right height, but I just didn't apply the same mindset to the mtb. Sheesh. Lesson learned.

Oh well, I thought this bike was pretty darn cool before, but with the saddle at the right height, it really is a lot better.

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Hydration and nutrition systems/strategies

OK. Although there are many things I will do differently when I do a race like Ouachita again, but one particular issue is hydration and nutrition. I had a difficult time drinking on schedule using bottles. There seemed to be few good times to take a hand off the bars and manage a bottle. The same problem applied to the Gu packs.

I'd really like to hear what you use, why you chose that approach, and how you manage it.

Monday, April 02, 2007

Whew. Ouachita. That was hard.

The Ouachita Challenge was certainly the most difficult bike race, or perhaps even ride, I've ever done so far. There was excitement, fear, frustration, thrills, mind numbing fatigue, humor, camaraderie, and finally a most welcome finish. Consequently, even though I was thinking time trials were starting to sound fun in comparison (while i was out there), the folks at the Ouachita Challenge can rest assured that I'm going to try and come back next year. It was a great win to have, but more importantly, I met some wonderful new people and got to strengthen ties with some other excellent folks like Dan and Stacey plus Danielle and Bonnie's slingshot crew. Thank you Rob, Dennis, Josh, Squirrel, CVO and Jeff for helping me figure out what I needed carry, prepare my bike and just all your help this weekend. I couldn't have done it without you. I mean, who knew one should carry a tube even tho you were riding tubeless tires? :) I took a few pics, but not many.

Sunday, April 01, 2007

Pre race meal

Pre race meal
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Had enuf. One hour 10 min to start. Slept well and feel fresh. Barb will have 2nd set of bottles halfway