Saturday, March 10, 2007

No thermal, no shoe covers

After an hour of intensity work at the Y spin session, it nice to get out on the road today and not have to layer up or ride back in the dark. Aaron, Marc, Kevin, Mark A. and Jay did the Adams/77 route. Jay peeled off early, but the rest of us did the loop and had some good chit chat, but Kevin and Mark ended up blazin' back to town once they had the tailwind. Oh, and Kevin, I have your wind vest. Musta fell outta your pocket. I'll try to remember it tomorrow.


bryan said...

I still rocked the shoe covers, but I was able to go with just a sleeveless base layer under my jersey, some arm-warmers and some knee-warmers. And it was quite nice.

Neve_r_est said...

Hurray for spring!

102 on the gravel, 58 on the pave, beautiful.

Ready for Landahl? I can't wait to get back on the dirt! And camping! :)


Chris said...

That is a good sign. Spring is near.

BennetBeauty said...

I'm glad you had a good time Sunday and feel ready for the next race!! You "know who" and I took our first "spin" together. Yes, I did have to slow down and wait for him, but he is just figuring out his bike. We had a great time!! Mine may be just a bit too big, but I LOVE it. It just rolls along with such ease and speed!!! Wonderful!!

sda said...

hmmm, i missed it. maybe in a couple weeks when i'm back there again.