Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Junior cycling club needs a catchy name

OK. Friday, the 13th of April will be the inaugural junior cycling club meeting at Lux Middle School at 5:30 pm. So, if you know any under 18s who might be interested, please point them to me. Going to focus on fun, competencies, and getting them involved in the local racing scene. BUT, I'd like a better name for the club and I'm just not feeling all that creative in light of preparing to race at Ouachita this weekend. Please help o witty wordsmiths.


Chris said...

I vote for Lincoln Legs.

You know? Instead of Lincoln Logs. Eh forget it. :)

Good luck in Arkansas.

bryan said...

Young Guns
Training Wheels (probably too babyish)
Umm ... Syd's Amazing Travling Teen Dream Cycling Team?

I'll think of more

bryan said...

Junior Wheelmasters?

nicol said...

Lux-ury riders?

Neve_r_est said...

Junior road group? Junior Mince.

Off road? Tree Dodgers


oldmanandhisbike said...

Lux Luther (evil) Cycling Team.
Underling Cycling Club.
Barely Legal Cycling.

sydney_b said...

u guys have some good ones. I can't wait to let the kids pick. That Barely Legal 'bout sent the coffee out my nose

nicol said...

I like that one too...Barely Legal Cycling. :)

gravy said...

While I like it too, the appropriatness of that idea might not be tolerated by some of the parents.

How about The Blue Club?

Your signature insignia could literally be a blue club from a deck of cards and jerseys have playing cards as the team numbers. Like someone could be the 4 of clubs.

sydney_b said...

That's a great idea! Actually gives some individual identity w/in the team ... just been waxed by the "Queen of Spades" ....

I wonder how much it costs to personalize like that?

sydney_b said...

whoops. i just got carried away by my hearts card playing .... everyone would be a "club" ... doh. Still really like it. :)

bryan said...

Something funny, but unhelpful in your search:

Lux Capacitors


D-Lux Cycling
as in Developmental Lincoln Cycling

oldmanandhisbike said...

Syd: Sorry about the coffee.
And the inappropriateness of my team name "barely legal". I withdraw my submittal.

dale said...

A take off of Chris'

Future Legs of Lincoln (like FFA)
Red Legs of Lincoln
Big Ring Legs of Lincoln
Red Legs of Nebraska
Future Cyclists of Lincoln
Lincoln Legs of the Future
Future Lincoln Legs