Sunday, March 11, 2007

and so it begins ...

Did 6 hrs today on the mtb 3 of which were hours doing a local adventure race thing. It was a lot of fun. Mix of gravel roads and sloppy "trails." The quotes are necessary b/c it seemed these weren't standard trails but rather routes they decided to mark across the grass. My bike was muddy but the generous spacing on the karate monkey meant I didn't have to stop and clear the mud. Just rode right through it. The highlight for me was feeling all the time spent training over the winter payin' off and I think I'll be OK at Landahl next weekend.

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Chris said...

It feels good when you know you have improved, eh? Good luck next weekend. I will have my fingers crossed for you.

sydney_b said...

My main ambitions are to keep the tire sides down, work on my tech skills, and last the 6 hrs. Plus, Rob says the Badger might not be painted but probably will be ready to ride. So, I'll get to learn how to ride a 29er with suspension. Oughta be fun. And, if I have any juice left the next day, there's a crit in Lawrence. But that might be over ambitious. We'll see. :)

Neve_r_est said...

ojnhSuspension at Landahl is a real nice thing to have. I'm just gonna try to keep from getting lapped by ya :)

Crit after the six hour, huh? If you're anything like me, you'll be suprised how well you can do after a long day of tempo at the endurace race.

Just don't go knocking yourself out before Ouachita though. Where Ouachita tests you with climbing, Landahl tests you with tech and sheer roughness. You'll get the hang of it. Economy of motion. Flow. Couple hours in and it's all rythem and flow.


sydney_b said...

thanks for the boost, dennis. Looking forward to seeing u and trying this enduro stuff out. Oh, and I'll also try and remember to bring you that wheel.

Neve_r_est said...

That would be great.

I think you will do well. You definitely have the right mindset to do well at this. Or most anything else you tackle I would suspect.

I think we're planning on going over to Rob's after the race to get some braze-ons put on Squirrel's frame, and hopefully score a shower as well.

See ya there,