Wednesday, March 14, 2007

1st '07 Wednesday Worlds

Daylight savings time triggers the start of the Wednesday Night Rides from 33rd and South, and like flock of multi-hued birds, racers and other masochistic types will again gather at 33rd and South for 'Wednesday Worlds' at 5pm. If you're new to the area bring a map because this is not a "no-drop" group ride. This is a kind of ride where you can get some real practice at hanging with folks faster than you plus pack dynamics, including getting blown out the back and riding home by yourself. Sounds like fun, huh? See you there. :)

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bryan said...

that sounds ... well, painful. Or much like my weekend with Kaos. Ouch.

Marc said...

What are Weds nite worlds good for?

Feelin it on thursdays