Thursday, March 01, 2007


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Chris said...


Neve_r_est said...

Q: Sigghhh

A: Latest post here ?


Sweet Cheeks said...

wow, and to think a short little rain shower sent me to my trainer today. Jeezo, I'm so weak.

Beautiful pictures!

monkeygirl said...

I took the pugsley over to Leons to pick up some dinner fix'ins felt like a stew night. I got some great looks. People in their big rigs, hilarious. by the time I had to climb back to my neighborhood the rock island had been plowed, what a great day to be out.

sydney_b said...

lol. Yeah. Regina, over here in the 'land o small trees' ('burbs) I got a couple of older guys actually frowning and shaking their heads as they slid by, but it was fun and great practice. I never cease to be impressed at the kinds of things those 29er wheels can go through and over. :)

sda said...

at first i thought that was an xc ski track ... but then i thought better.

are you running it single? cause if you are that is a killer strength workout in deepish snow.

ours is melted off here in fort collins (after about 60 days of straight cover ...). being able to skate ski in the golf courses almost made them worth having around. almost.

sydney_b said...

i was running in my lowest gear i could on the middle ring and there were a few places i had to stop and rest cuz it was quite a pwer workout. :)