Tuesday, February 27, 2007


My deck faces east and every morning I watch for the sunrise.

Today is going to be gorgeous. A layer of pink atop and dark blue horizon. Making coffee and watching the sun come up. That's the way to start a good day.

Better yet, a couple or three weeks and I'll be riding my bike on morning workouts and watch the rising from the Bennett overpass. It's a great view.


VeloCC said...

Yeah, Spring is coming, isn't that sweet! I heard the Cardinals singing this morning when I took the dog out, another sign of life:)

sydney_b said...

That's exactly how I feel. Put on some black tights today and had to take 'em off. Too dark. Tired of all the dark. Bring on the tulips and the sun. :D

gravy said...

Mornings, shmornings... twilight is toxic to me.

Anyways, about protein and you adding the fishies and the chickies... what about eggs? Are eggs good protein packs?

Chris said...

My move to the new office puts me dead smack on one of the best cycling routes in Austin. I am going to start lunch rides as soon as I get back from Cali. I can't wait.

bryan said...

Sunrise? What's that? Are you telling me the sun moves before 10 a.m.?

(full disclosure: I get home from work at 2 a.m. Sunrise (allegedly) comes after 4 hours of sleep.)

cyclingdave said...

cool - bring on the light of spring and summer.

sydney_b said...

Yeah, Gravy, Eggs are good protein I just don't always like them. Some days they really put me off.

Chris, you are too lucky.

Bryan, 2am? ew. On the other hand, you probably have had plenty of afternoon daylight for training and are going to be way too tough. :)

Dave... we're almost there. At least that's what the birds were telling me on the way to work today. Had that spring sound going on.

bryan said...

It's true, I do have time during the day. Actually I got in a two-hour ride today. And I had four 3-hour rides last week.

I just have no social life whatsoever.

Neve_r_est said...

That sounds like my schedule. Only my 3-4hour rides are in the dark and I have no work excuse for my lack of social life. At least I get to watch the sun set as I drive home after work.