Friday, February 23, 2007

Low fat, high protein diet...

I've been training pretty hard and have also been monitoring my diet more closely than I ever have before -- and I was no slouch in the past. Anyway, with the base season weight lifting and continued focus on increasing power, I've had to alter my usual diet such that there was a lot more protein without increasing a calories or fat too much. As it turns out, this can be a bit of a trick.

Because I'm under extreme time constraints and cook for boys undergoing teen growth spurts, I gave up my vegetarian tendencies and resumed fish and chicken. The latter I always skin to remove extra fat. I also started reading the labels to identify some other high-protein sources. As it turns out non-fat yogurt and cottage cheese are real winners. Non-fat cottage cheese gets you 13 grams of protein per serving and yogurt as much as peanut butter, but with less than half the calories provided you're eating the plain flavor, which is what I like with a bit of honey.

Anyway, after adding the yogurt and cottage cheese as snack items, I was hitting my protein target, but had a new problem --- type 5 plastic containers, which are not recyclable here in Lincoln using the municipal recycling facilities. :(

So, I asked my Indian friend, Suhasini, for her yogurt recipe and made my own. It was super easy and now I have an inexpensive, non-plastic container issue, supply of yogurt. Moreover, it's a much less tart and smoother flavor than what I typically found in the store. Probably the best part is the cost tho. My fav yogurt before was the Brown Cow variety which was around $3 a container which with 1 cup servings, didn't last long. For the price of a gallon of skim milk, I can make 4 containers full and have all I need for Indian food recipes, my snacks, etc.

Yogurt is used in so much delicious cooking. Here's a link for a little exploration: The Gutsy Gourmet.

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Neve_r_est said...

Cool, yogurt recipes! Yogurt is a pretty big part of my daily diet, not only for the protein, but also for the plethora of vitimins and minerals(this is a major building block of my calorie input as well, so I buy the non-light version).

Thanks for the link.


VeloCC said...

I used to make my own yogurt back home, but I had a little "machine" a warming dish that held, little glass jars to put in the yogurt. Did you follow that receipe?
I will definitely try that out. Sounds delish!!

Chris said...

I didn't know it was possible to make your own yogurt. You are dedicated to go through the trouble so you don't have to throw away plastic containers. I don't think that you can recycle #5 anywhere.

sydney_b said...

You know, Chris, it's surprisingly easy. Here's what I did this time:

1 gal skim milk
1 c non-fat powder milk
1 c good quality live culture yogurt

1. Pasturize milk by heating to 180 degrees, then let cool back down to 110-120 degrees.

2. Add yogurt culture and dried milk and mix in

3. Pour into containers.

4. Set containers in a warm place - about 90 degrees that can be maintained for 6+ hours.

I just heated my oven to 200, turned it off, put in the containers, and then sealed the oven up by using that lock that's employed when you clean a self-cleaning oven.

Then, I went to bed. When i woke up, voila. Tasty, smooth-tasting yogurt.

If you like the stuff with fruit and sugar in it, the recipe I used recommended adding canned pie filling. I haven't tried that yet since I'm partial to honey.

Marc said...

Milk products in general have a high bioavailability of protein. That means that are processed fairly easily in your body.

One thing now that you're in your build phase is to make sure you get quality carbs. The complex type. The build phase is loaded with anaerobic and aerobic-anaerobic type work which uses "carbs". The base phase, aerobic, we were working on muscular strength ( need quality protein ) and training your body to burn fat.

Proper nutrition is just as powerful as proper training. They go hand in hand.

monkeygirl said...

Here is a trick for you to combine your healthy new yogurt protein and a good carb, take several cups and hang it in a nice white kitchen cloth, preferably one of flour bag cloths that they sell, fold it over once so only the water drains out and let hang over a bowl for another 6 hours or so. Some do this process in the fridge, I do not, I think it adds to the development of the flavor to hang from the cabinet handle. it should be dry enough to just sort of fold out of the cloth with very little effort when it is done. drizzle with a small amount of olive oil, keeps the top from getting too crusty, and eat on anything you like, vegetable slices, hearty whole wheat bread, spoon hehehehehehe. Really good with some nice bread along side some nice hummus.

sydney_b said...

thx for the olive oil tip. I did use some of the yogurt to make yogurt cheese. I mixed in a little garlic salt, pepper, and basil. Very good with tomato on a bagel. Like a fat free ricotta.

sailfish said...

This is all good info. I'll be trying the chicken recipes soon. Now I have a use for oldish milk. Here's a link for another source of protein with a few good recipes.

monkeygirl said...

here is one for you too.
Peanut Butter-Soylent White -Tofu Spread

1/2 c. peanut butter
1 c. soft tofu
1 Tbsp honey

If you are peanut butter person as I am.

sydney_b said...

OOoo! Thank you! I do love peanut butter, and almond butter, and .. :)

Cornbread said...

Syd, you need to drink more beer. That'll make you faster. Honest. :)

Shim said...

Check out the Paleo Diet ofr Endurance athletes. It was co-written by Joe Friel and Lorain Cordain. It makes a lot of sense to me and allows for the complex carbs when you need them directly prior to, during and immediately after excercise.