Monday, February 05, 2007

Good wekend of riding

I love this bike and I'll have to treat it to some TLC this spring. This winter it's carried me down miles of gravel roads, through ice and snow, and into the bitter wind.

Kyle and I hangin' on the sofa. Even tho this guy's team didn't win the game, Kyle played well and showed he was paying way more attention than others with his blocks and shooting focus.

Ended up riding pretty hard this weekend. Saturday morning I did a 30 min time trial (TT)to set a baseline and was satisfied with the results even tho I didn't quite hit my personal avg power goal, but I think its within reach, so that's good. Got a target.

Sunday, I rode out to Malcom and from my place on 84th and VanDorn that makes for a 3 hr trip, well a little more than that if one were to ride it more sanely. See, Kyle had a basketball game and when I got to the turn-around point, I realized I was going to really have to haul for home to get him to his game, so Sunday basically turned into a 60 min time trial in the cold. Not the smartest way to ride, but my BB player was counting on me so I put it out. Legs were wacked. It's so easy to forget how much more the cold takes out. Ah well, better planning next time.


VeloCC said...

Good for you to ride in that cold. I decided to stay inside inside on Sunday! A movie on the trainer just sounded better and warmer.
Good job and Bball Kyle!

mtb05girl said...

what kind of wattage average are you shooting for if you don't mind me asking? i'm trying to figure out this wattage stuff and what not.

Adrian_O said...

A future MJ- in the making? Who's Kyle's fav. player?

sydney_b said...

mtb05grl, 300+ avg sustained for a minimum of 30 min.

adrian, I think it's Allen Iverson. That's the name I hear the most.

crayon said...
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Marc said...

Hey mtb girl,

How's it goin? Maybe I can help with your question. It's a good one and one that alot of people ask.

First, wattage output is unique to everyone. We all put out different watts, say at lactate threshold, but may do the same time in a TT. Plus, don't fall into the trap of " i'm puttin out this many watts" to your friends. It's like the weight lifter who does the same thing with weights.

Secondly, testing is the best way to figure out your different power levels. Then with those numbers you will be able to compare yours to what a pro, cat1,2,3,4,5, ect can produce. You will also get a good idea of your strengths and weaknesses along with what type of rider you are.

There's alot to knowing power and it's uses. I've been using a powertap for 3 yrs now and have a good grasp of it's uses. There still is plenty of research out there that is being done especially on training load.

I hope this helps.