Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Temper, temper

Underpant rage burns down house | Metro.co.uk: "An angry husband who threw old clothes from his wardrobe in the garden and set fire to them because he could not find his clean underpants accidentally burnt his home down."
On another note, I'm feeling much better today, especially with the laughter brought on by such things as the above. :D


VeloCC said...

Another sign that I am a new blogger, why do you have to give this post 2 lables? Isn't men and absurd the same??

sydney_b said...

lol. As tempting as that is some days,having 3 young men in the household, I have to resist b/c there are too many instances of everyday (and extra ordinary) heroics on their part.

When it's bitter cold, who gets out to pump the gas? If riding the highway, who is likely to move himself a little further into traffic to make sure and the cars give way? When your car breaks down, who do u call? Mouse or other critter needs slaying? Which warrior gets the call? Who do u expect to stay steady, strong and have a plan when things get dicey? Yeah, the guys. Lotta pressure on 'em.

So, despite their seemingly inexhaustible supply fart jokes, propensity for violence and conflict, gross jokes, etc. I have to stick with the double tagging lest the guys who come by start letting us know what they think is absurd about us. (as if?! i know)

For example, Nick, who's nearly 17 walked into my room laughed, shook his head at all the hats neatly arrayed on the wall in rows and columns, "god mom, you're such a girl."

bluecolnago said...

nice drawers.... :)

peace out, yo!