Friday, January 05, 2007

My mom wants a bike for her birthday

Guess who wants a Surly Cross-Check? Yep. My mom. She's been riding a mtn style bike and a cruiser but says they're too slow, so I suggested a cross-check because it won't limit her tire choices, it's smooth ridin' steel, yet light and a ton faster than any upright comfort bike or mtb. We tried one out at MWC over lunch and she likes it. She also tried a Bianchi, but prefers the Surly. I think black is the right color too. I'll have to watch out tho, once mom starts running this down the hiway 'stead of those heavy bikes, I might have to work to keep up.


CC said...

Cool Beans!

Anonymous said...

Yay mom!

gwadzilla said...

I say get her some straight bars
maybe some risers

as we do not want her so far from the brakes