Tuesday, January 09, 2007

iPhone destiny

I think I'm destined for one of these babies. Listen to the ad and you'll know why.


Anonymous said...

If I had any reason to get one, I probably would. But I don't. And I wish it wouldn't cost $500. Ohhhh, but I like it.

Anonymous said...

Cool, now you'll be able to lose your mp3 player and cell phone all at once! And Alltel will finally have control of your music source.

Actually this might help you find your mp3 player a little faster, just call it and find the ring.


Anonymous said...

yeah, i know. I would be hard pressed to come up with a rationale myself. But I'm gonna think on it. ... Prolly save my $ for entry fees instead. Sigh. Bigger sigh. Tech lust. what an affliction.

Anonymous said...

Here's my plan ... which will never EVER work: My wife wants a new phone -- a fancy one that has more functions than just being a phone. Well, iPhone is fancy. She loves her video iPod, but no way will she fill it all up ... and I have an old iPod (pre-click wheel) ... so I get the video iPod and she gets iPhone! Right? right?

sydney_b said...

i think u have good odds on that
and you would get to play with it by 'helping' set it up. satisfy your tech lust and make her happy with the best phone ever. :) give it a go let us know if it works. :)