Friday, January 12, 2007

Ice 8!+ch can't kick my @$$

Not riding today, but it isn't because of the ice queen blowing around. I have legitimate errands requiring automotive assistance. But tomorrow ... depending .... I might break out the ski goggles, another layer, some heater packets and cruise about. We'll see.

I have to say that the 40 min ride home from the Y after lifting last night was dang refreshing and underscored the importance of having the right gear. My biggest payoff purchases: PI Amphibs and a Sugoi jacket, both having wind & water proof fronts, along with the Nike cap with the ear things that come down that I got in KC. Also gotta thank Marc for telling me how to keep my feet warmer.... the layering from the inside out: winter grade socks not so think as to make shoes too tight, shoes, another pair of thick poly-type socks with holes cut in the bottom, then an outer layer of neoprene booties. When the temp really plummets, chemical warmers placed under the outer sock over the shoe toe will keep your piggies toasty. And, if your eyelashes are freezing, I recommend ski goggles. Not only are they attractive, esp. with a balaclava, but they prevent any wind at all from abusing your eyes. Happy spinnin.

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