Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Vacation Reading

Besides some long gravel rides, I'm spending my time over xmas break reading a book called "Naked Conversations." This book by Robert Scoble and Shel Israel addresses and promotes corporate blogs. In fact, they chalk up part of Microsoft's kinder, gentler representation of late to the many blogs created and maintained by MS employees. They claim the blogs have helped MS haters to see that MS is a company made up of individual people like everyone else instead of the evil Borg. I don't know that I buy this allegation, but it makes a little sense. Although, I must say that I consider MS less of a monopolistic threat because of the ever-rising dominance of Google. In any case, it's an interesting read and one thing I really do like about corporate blogs is it provides a personal contact with the company. I am so sick of being shuttled through phone systems (Have you ever tried to call a local Alltel location??? The guy on tech support at the 1-800 # couldn't even get it done.) and combing through websites w/o contact information that I find an active, corporate blog to be a refreshing point of contact. Moreover, I would say that a company that is chicken to blog and let the public comment if they will, needs to review its business. (Allhell all the time is a blog idea I'm toying with this week....but I'll try and stay off that topic - gets me all riled up.)

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