Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Riding gravel in the dark

I'm still a little fatigued from last night's ride. I was scheduled for 3.5 hours of zone 2 riding, so headed east from 84th & Van Dorn and looped around to the west side of Lincoln via Saltillo, Roca and finally the Jamaica trail and back to home again. While I stayed plenty warm, I need to focus more on hydration. It's hard to remember to drink when it's chilly, but I always know when my body is getting desperate for it because dehydration gives me a headache.


Anonymous said...

Damn, you rode in this shitty weather? I rode to work, but that was it.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

I had a buddy who would set his watch timer to beep every 10 minutes to remind him to drink. You could give that a try.

Anonymous said...

Stupid blogger.

Does anyone else hate this Beta crap?

sydney_b said...

That's a good idea Chris, I might give that a go.

Cornbread, I haven't switched this blog yet. For some reason every time I try they say it's unsuccessful. So, I have to log into old blogger for this and use the new one for my other stuff.

Personally, I like the new one a lot, especially the tagging feature.