Monday, December 25, 2006

Hmm. What's she trying to say here?

Well, I got some good xmas presents, the best of which might be the first aid kits from my sis. Yes that's a plural. I got one big one with a handle and everything and then a travel one. She said I should carry it with me on my bike. I wonder why??? You'd think I had a reputation for tire side up or something. ;) Hope y'all had a great christmas and are looking forward to the new year. I know I am. Also, get outside and ride. In fact, Mod's got a contest running for the month o January. (See MTB Omaha, 12/20 post "Let's Have Some Fun".)


Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas Syd. I hope you don't need too many of those bandages in 2007. I enjoy your blog :)

sydney_b said...

yep, maybe a bandage free (at least from riding a bike) year. that'd prolly be too much to hope for, but i've been working and will continue to work on handling skills, so things can only get better/safer?? I think that's the general idea anyway.

CC said...

Merry Christmas Sydney! Cool new looks of your blog...almost need sun glasses to look at it:)

Hey, I got a new (road) helmet and a few other cool thingies that I can put on my road bike.