Wednesday, December 13, 2006


Just heard the news that my cousin Charles, who is one of the nicest guys I know, managed to make it through special forces training. This is pretty special because quite honestly, there were a few of us who thought maybe Charles was too nice to become a ranger, but not only did he prove us way wrong, but he exceeded his original ambition.
Sydney - Your blog about Charles is almost correct. He joined the Army to become a ranger. Out of his platoon of 65 men in BASIC he alone qualified to try out for Special Forces training. Only about 1/3 of those trying out passed the Special Forces basics to go on with Special Forces Training. Special Forces is way above Rangers in prestige and training, two different units completely.
0x0x0x0, mom
And by the way, my cousin has wanted to be a soldier since he was a real little kid and regardless how you might feel about the military, you gotta salute a guy's follow-thru.


Anonymous said...

Charlie sounds like a B.A. I hope he does well.

CC said...

As an Army spouse, I am sending a big HUAH!!!! to your cousin!!!!

JT said...

Way to go! Being a Marine I truly apppreciate what your cousin has endured.

The Special Forces Creed

I am an American Special Forces soldier. A professional!

I will do all that my nation requires of me.

I am a volunteer, knowing well the hazards of my profession.

I serve with the memory of those who have gone before me:

Roger's Rangers, Francis Marion, Mosby's Rangers,

the first Special Service Forces and Ranger Battalions

of World War II, the Airborne Ranger Companies of Korea.

I pledge to uphold the honor and integrity

of all I am - in all I do.

I am a professional soldier.

I will teach and fight wherever my nation requires.

I will strive always, to excel in every art and artifice of war.

I know that I will be called upon to perform tasks

in isolation, far from familiar faces and voices,

with the help and guidance of my God.

I will keep my mind and body clean, alert and strong,

for this is my debt to those who depend upon me.

I will not fail those with whom I serve.

I will not bring shame upon myself or the forces.

I will maintain myself, my arms, and my equipment

in an immaculate state as befits a Special Forces soldier.

I will never surrender though I be the last.

If I am taken, I pray that I may have the strength

to spit upon my enemy.

My goal is to succeed in any mission

- and live to succeed again.

I am a member of my nation's chosen soldiery.

God grant that I may not be found wanting,

that I will not fail this sacred trust.

"De Oppresso Liber"

Byte Me said...

As an Army Dude for another 11 months...way to go man you earned a very coveted duty assignment with some awesome responsibilities in locations very few will ever know you were.