Thursday, December 07, 2006


4 degrees???! It's not even winter yet. Guess I'll be trying out the winter weather setup on this morning's commute.


CC said...

How can you even put enough clothes on to keep warm!?!?

Squirrel said...

so how was it???


Anonymous said...

does wearing a snowmobile suit make it easier or harder?

sydney_b said...

My very fashionable outfit included:

Feet: thinish wool socks, cycling shoes, thick poly/wool blend socks w/ hole cut in the bottom, neoprene shoe covers

Legs: Pearl Izumi Amphibs over silk underlayer topped with brown corduroy pants

Upper body: long sleeve, wool undershirt, wool swobo jersey, wind breaker

Head: Nike cap w/ ear flaps, helmet

Needed to have a balaclava though. I am going to get a new one sometime this week. But I was plenty warm. Wanted to cover my face b/c the elements are hard on the skin.

Cornbread said...

Sure was chilly this morning. Mad props to all that rode to work today.

My toes were the only thing that bothered me. I guess I need to get some winter cycling boots cuz I can't fit another pair of socks other my feet and still get into my shoes. I guess Lake makes some kickass winter cycling boots.

sda said...

i got in a couple sub-10 degree (i can't really tell the difference between 1 and 9 ...) commutes last week.

chilly willy.

at least the snow made me work hard on the singlespeed and i kept warm.

i like to wear my flannel pj bottoms under my work slacks for those days.

mmmmmmmmm flannel.

3p0 said...

I was soooo close to wearing my pj's under my pants as a 1st layer.

goggles were definatly a help this am.