Thursday, December 28, 2006

Alltel Amy saves the day

OK. I still don't like Alltel (or other telcoms and insurance companies [neve_r_rest explains why*]), but I like Amy. She's calm and actually customer oriented. So even tho it took nearly two hours I'm not so mad at Alltel anymore and my communication device has been upgraded and works great. Today was a good example of how critical having the right people on the front lines can make or break the customer/company relationship. I walked in there ready to throw fits and fury all day if necessary, even maintain an 'i hate alltel' blog if it seemed like it would help, but because it seemed like Amy actually cared about my problem and wanted to solve it, I chilled. She made a solution happen and I was pacified.

* See previous Alltel post comments

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Please resuce me from Sprint.