Thursday, November 30, 2006

Who's to blame .... well Kaos of course

I've been asked several times how I came to start this racing stuff and I thought I'd let you know Kaos is to blame. Specifically, Gary Schmidt, who is talking about the new bridge in this pic, but who triggered my competitive spirit during the BRAN century this summer and talked to me about racing afterwards.

"Have you ever raced? If not, you should think about it," he said.

With that nudge of encouragement, I started this racing thing, so now you know where to send your complaints.

It also reminds me how important a little support, a kind word, or a gesture can be. Make it a great day, folks. (Ride your bike, but wear some mittens.)


c_c_rider said...

i was there that day.... by the end of bran many were accustomed to hearing sydney's voice say 'on your left' as she passed them every day.

Sean Weide said...

I've heard it before... "Blame it on Kaos."

Only this time, it's something good!

Glad to have you in our ranks, Sydney.

Anonymous said...

When I ride with Gary, I blame him for most everything. If someone crashes, it's also likely his fault. I partly blame him for my purchase of a new bike ... so I could race. Thanks, Gary.