Sunday, November 05, 2006

Riverside 'Cross Festival: Day 2 (Sun)

Riverside Cross Festival - 2006

Riverside cross: Men's cat 4 -- fourth place out of 26 starters. Women's open -- 1st place

A huge thanks to Dan from Route 66 Bicycles for helping me quick swap out my cogs before the race. The 42/18 (4.7 ratio) was perfect, just stiff enough to keep me from spinning out on the flats but not taking too much power to crank up the small hills and across the grass. The course was a lot of fun, with some tricky bits where you wouldn't expect. For example, the steep descent down towards the river didn't seem to crash as many folks as the slippery straw on the flat switchbacks. I did hear, however, that Troy K., had an endo on the former part. The one thing I did learn was that running can be a time to get a little rest. There was one hill that was a little stout for my ratio to peddle up, forcing me to really apply a lot of power. By the last lap of the men's race, I decided to just peddle up as far as my momentum would carry me then run it. This was a much better idea and I should have done it earlier. It gave me a chance to breath and didn't slow me at all. In fact, I think I had more momentum coming out of it than topping it with power. Anyway, this was a really fun course and I sure appreciate the folks for putting it on. (special kudos to the brownie maker(s) - YUMMY!)

Also, to all you noise makers out there ... keep it up. When everything is hurting, hearing you holler gives the umph to keep the cranks turning. :) It's great weather out there. Ride yer bike.


Neve_r_est said...

Congrats. Was that on the SS?

sydney_b said...

Yep. Love that bike. It's light, fast, and built to fit me, so the pedals are always where I expect them to be. I only had one spill, that was during the cat 4 men's race, but remembered to roll so didn't lose too much time.

Squirrel said...

Danny boy of Route 66 is a cool mutha....good job:)


mg said...

you rock syd. nice ridin'.