Sunday, November 19, 2006

Racing weekend

Nebraska CyclocrossGot a state medal for my efforts. Am looking for photos of Erik. Mine are messed up, but hopefully John Peterson (Neb Cycling News) got some and will post them in the Gallery soon.
We got two gorgeous days for racing this weekend and a great course to ride on. It was a lot of fun to welcome the folks from Kansas and a few from Iowa to our town. Highlights included getting to have dinner with Brian and Michelle, chatting for a while with Jen and Mike, plus, my son Erik's cycling debut. That was the coolest. He used the Karate Monkey and raced both days as a Junior 13-15. So, on his second time out, he managed to secure a Junior men's state championship. This oughta help stoke the but he might be catching 'cuz he was asking about road races. (I think it's possible I might get a taste of what my dad went through trying to keep me and my sis mounted on good horses. Only my problem will be securing bikes.)

As for me, the women's race went with the men's today and was lengthened from 30 to 45 minutes, so I didn't do two races today. This was a relief because yesterday I did the men's 3/4 and the women's open back to back. The consequence was waking up at 3am because my quads hurt so bad. After a couple of vitamin i's (ibuprophen) and massaging them a while, I was able to go back to sleep. The other thing that worked well today was warming up on the trainer instead of just riding around. Yeah, I know, I know. Shoulda done it sooner, but it was the first time I'd really had everything adequately organized such that I was able to do the prescribed routine. Worked like a charm and nearly eliminated that sort of dead feeling my legs go through after the fast push at the start.

Next Saturday and Sunday is Jingle Cross in Iowa City. This is the big one and I'm pretty nervous already. Oh well, I guess all I can do is prepare and then give it all I've got. I am looking forward to seeing some folks, tho. Both MtbGrl and Jen will be there, so that will be fun.


3p0 said...

sure was nice meeting your kids at the race,

and it was a treat seein ya catch up and whoop up on some of the boys on sunday.

good luck at jingle cross and at kc.

I won't be able to make either of them this year....

mtb05girl said...

yay your coming. there's going to be a huge field i think. i'll be there on sunday. see you then!

sydney_b said...

hey thx cvo. you made both days of racing so fun with your active spectatin'

amanda, cya soon.