Thursday, November 23, 2006


It's always fun to run into your friends out on a ride, but not literally. This morning, Jessica, her son Lane, and I went for an early ride out at Wilderness park. We thought there would be hardly anyone out there, but didn't push a pace all the same. Well...... who should I meet around a blind corner but Dave. Fortunately, he was on a social ride too and was also going slow. Nonetheless, there are two toasted (steel) frames, my eye is nearly swollen shut, and his collarbone is cracked. Yes, we both had our lids on, so didn't break our skulls. Pics soon from Lance. :) Y'all be careful out there. Both Dave and I thought we were being plenty noisy.

Oh and for those of you more concerned about the bikes .... The downtube of Dave's Kona was nearly ripped all the way apart. There's a small strip of metal holding it. My Karate Monkey has a pinched downtube. Nobody will be riding it any more. Sigh.


KimC said...

Yikes!! Probably a good idea to have a bell like c.c. rider for those blind corners! Take care!

DD said...

What a relief to see you posting, Syd. That experience scared the bejezzus out of me for a few minutes, I was worried for ya.
Hope you are able to somehow put the hammer down in Iowa City saturday, but my two cents worth is "Take it easy".
Sorry about the broken bike. BTW, the clavicle is fine for the most part, got some pictures taken this evening and it looked ok, minor ding to it.
So I guess I have your face about tattooed to my chest, you can just about make out the image in bruise blue :)
Be careful folks. I worry about these collisions, and sure wish we could get a directional loop for our beautiful park. Even riding carefully, looking ahead and making noise with a bell often doesn't cut it. I don't mean to sound alarmist, but its true.

Anyway, talk to ya later Syd, and I am super glad that you are ok.(or at least super tough).

Neve_r_est said... destroyed a KM...I've tried many times and failed, even ran mine into a garage door header without killing it. Impressive that you didn't do more damage to yourselves. Heal up quick.

Lincoln, NE remains a dangerous place for the cyclist. I'm feel fortunate to have escaped unharmed.


3p0 said...

nooooooooo that toataly sucks.

glad to hear your both ok.

nicol said...

That absolutely sucks. Sorry 'bout all the injuries for both of you and your bikes.

Beerorkid said...

ugh.... Just got over a broke clavicle.

Srry to hear bout the boo boo's. Bettin this aint gonna stop ya though.

sydney_b said...

DD - Some directional loops are sounding pretty good. I wonder how many folks have met up our style, or had close calls over the last 6 months?

neve_r_rest, breaking toys is one of my special talents. I've often wondered if I should get into the testing biz.

all - thx for your well wishes. I am healing up fast and am racing tomorrow and sunday. I mean, I already paid my entry and I'm darn well going to get my money's worth of suffering. :D

tornado said...

Ow! Good to hear you both are doing ok. The directional loops work pretty good here in Omaha and after the arrows were put up most people follow along.


buconine said...

ouch, glad you guys are ok. had some close calls lately with peeps going any way they want to on marked trails.

might have your friend contact kona on his frame. there have been some post on about explosif/unit downtube breakage. don't know if that was what he was riding, but it might help.

good luck at the races!

3p0 said...

the city is opposed to making more trails in wilderness.

when this problem was possed, the "old boys club" on the other side of the table choked it up to

"speed racing"

you bikers need to stop "speed racing" through the park.

I can just see the thought process...

"if we put in another loop out there you kids will just go faster and faster and get hurt more"

you'll see another loop out there in your lifetime.

it will happen when too many of us get hurt runnin into each other and we just decided to make the trail ourselves.

it's already happening in places out there.

htop said...

lets get some other trails??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????. i will help.yankee hill, twin lakes, pawnee.

DD said...

I agree, and have made some inquiries about this. It seems that Yankee Hill, as well as Conestoga, are designated as "Wildlife Management" areas, as opposed to recreational areas. The designation affects the availability of Federal funds.
But I agree that more trails are needed. Maybe private land or state land close to town? I don't have any specific ideas. As far as city parks, such as Pioneers Park, it seems that this has been tried, even recently, with an IMBA rep., and the city officials will have none of it.

But there has to be a way.

monkeygirl said...

hey heard about this thanksgiving night thanks to being on the d-family grapevine, I am really glad you are doing ok Syd, and Dave I think we need a pic of your bruise on your chest, not to make light or course, but since your both on the heal, I am just saying what everyone else is thinking, glad your both ok. reg out.

monkeygirl said...

oh yes, and thank both of you for sporting your lids. I am going to fall on the side of thinking it helped.

the old bag said...

Sorry to hear! Hope you heal quickly!

mg said...

wow... i'm sorry that happened to both of you. two riders and two bikes down. that's a super bad deal.

the problem is that wilderness is the only park within easy riding distance from lincoln. that makes it "the one" for a lot of people. lincoln parks & rec doesn't get that. you don't have to be "speed racing," as you clearly learned. you can be just riding along... literally, and get hit hard.

it's a liability issue, and unfortunately, i feel like they'd rather shut the park down to bikes than build a suitable one-way loop.

one other question might be why, in lincoln, nebraska, we can't share the trail with hikers/walkers? it's done successfully just about EVERYWHERE ELSE IN THE WORLD, so why can't it work in Lincoln? that's what i wanna know...

opening the "hiker side" to bikes would solve the 'ol loop problem right nicely. well, that and some better signeage, which i know thor/imba would be happy to help with. but first we'd need lincoln parks and rec. to allow it to happen, and it's been made painfully clear to me that they have no intention of opening the hiking side to bikes.

so now, of course, i'm going to go risk my life at the park. wish me luck. i'll probably need it.