Monday, November 27, 2006

Jingle Cross - Day 2

Well, CVO, I dug deep and came up second despite 2 spills. That fence before the mongo run-up got me on the first lap. And then a biffed remount laid me flat on a second set of barriers on the backside during the second to last lap. On the second spill, our front group was hanging pretty tight, but when I went flat, Catherine took off and three other women went in pursuit. It crossed my mind to give up, since hanging onto Catherine had been my mission and it seemed totally scuttled, but after reminding myself that fifth got paid and considering all the people who had invested in my effort to be there on that course, I got my butt off the ground and back on the bike, grabbed the drops, and cranked it up for the last lap and a half.

A HUGE thanks to Troy and Don for hooking me up with some shoe spikes. I'm quite sure that helped my climb a lot -- not to mention Don's teaching me how to shoulder my bike in such a way as to take the most advantage as possible of my upper body strength for the run-up. Another big thank you goes to Marc, Mike S., and Aaron for hollering at me and not giving me the option of quitting. Aaron and Mike were so encouraging and Marc, well, was Marc. "If you're goin' to wreck then you're going to have to make up your place! Get going!" (or something along those lines...)

Finally, a million thx to Rob Pennell (Badger Cycles) and Barb for the bike to ride and to Jen H. and Mike S. for hauling it up. If I'd had been on my single-speed, I would have got waxed. The Badger is so light and just shoots forward under power. I love it.

Only one more race in the season -- the big bang in KC. :D Have a good one!


mathguy said...

Congrats on the silver-what a great job! BTW, Thanks for cheering on the old guys (like me) with my wife on Mt made it a bit easier to run up that damn hill.

3p0 said...

congrats syd.

sounds like you had a blast.

sydney_b said...

u better watch out, mathguy, I now own a cowbell and believe I could compete pretty seriously in a 'most annoying spectator' contest. ;) I mean, I've witnessed some of the best spectatin' and taken a few notes ... (yeah, that's a ref to u CVO, dk, mg)

mg said...

nice ridin' syd... and a good story too.

glad to see you got hooked up with that badger after the way your weekend started. at least you finished it up on a positive note!


Dad said...

Good job, Sydney! Second and third are short of the goal, but perserving through the wrecks is foundational to success. When one quits, one has taught oneself one to quit. Then one finds a way to excuse oneself next; and the cutting edge of performance is lost.

When you lay it all on the line every time, win, lose or draw you're the better for it because you've sharpened your leading edge for the next contest. As Churchill told the graduating class..."Never, never, never quit!"

Again congrats on a good week's performance...

munsoned said...

Man Syd, how intimidated were the other women at the start lining up with a cheery, tall, wild haired woman with a fresh shiner? Anyone ask if you had been in a bar fight? That would put me off a little if I was lining up with you. Awesome job this weekend.

sydney_b said...

Thanks Dad. Means a lot to hear you say so.

Squirrel said...

Damn girl that shinner is big:) That had to be intimedating:) Good when ya ordering your Badger:)