Saturday, November 25, 2006

Jingle Cross - Day 1

11-25-06_1001.jpgTHANK YOU ROB PENNELL! The Badger rode great today. So light and responsive. I woulda been toast w/o it.11-25-06_1448.jpgHow's this for a bike rack?

Jingle cross day one. Third place. Field of 20ish. Crowd rox. My legs are so tired and the bruised spot on my left thigh almost cramped it up. Got beat out of 2nd on the hill. Didn't have the gears to spin up and just couldn't run as fast as the 2nd place finisher could spin. Won the sprint for third.


3p0 said...

dig deep syd, day two rally on.

sda said...

that moto bike had to be jason mccartney (of u s postal) he used to show up on a bike with a similar set-up to super week back in the day.