Friday, November 24, 2006

Ice ice baby

OK. Sorry about inflicting video on you, but part of what I get paid for at work is playing with new tech stuff and so I shall occasionally tinker here.


Cornbread said...

Ouch. Sorry to hear about your crash. At least you didn't loose any teeth. Time for an Increda-Bell.

I've had a few head-on crashes in the park. Last one, Dave Draus and I both got jacked up pretty good. Dave broke his hand and I ended up with a blood clot in my leg.

Was it Dave Draus you crashe into or a different DD?

3p0 said...

We need to stop running into Dave Draus.

seem's this is the only real problem in the park...

Neve_r_est said...

owie, owie, owie

Maybe a couple of mirrors might help if the trail is to stay bi-directional. I've seen it done before.

convex saftey mirrors page 1705

Bells are good too, plus they're really fun to annoy the crap outta people with.

See ya tomorrow.


dale said...

Hey guys,
I've heard it said for a while now that the city of Lincoln won't listen to requests for a safe loop in Wilderness.

When one branch of government won't listen to a common sense request, especially with as many accidents as there are in Wilderness, maybe its time to bring in the judicial branch? With the recent nebraska supreme court ruling stripping protection from gov't recreational land, this may be the time to apply a little lawsuit pressure?

Document a list of accidents/injuries over the past 5 years, document meetings where request for building a loop in Wilderness were turned down, and see if the city wants to duke it in the courts?

Now that the nebraska supreme court stripped the need to prove gross negligence in city recreational areas, I think there is sufficient evidence for common negligence which is much easier to prove.

Are there friendly mtb lawyers somebody in Lincoln knows?

I hate involving the judicial system in any dispute but it sounds like you Lincolnites don't have anyother choices.

Byekin said...

Dale - an attempt to bring legal pressure with regards to the bicycle accidents in Wilderness park could have undesirable consequences -- such as a ban on bicycles in the park.

sydney_b said...

yeah, i'd worry about a ban too.

skinny d said...

dang. what happened to your bike?

sydney_b said...

Toast, skinny d, toast. :( Crimped the Monkey's downtube. Dave's Kona is wacked as well -- impact about ripped his top tube and downtube apart. I think there's just a bit of steel holding the front to the rear on both tubes.

adrian said...

Glad you are OK and wearing that helmet.

gwadzilla said...