Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Anatomical Adaptation .....

It's definitely time to look towards the '07 season. Towards that end, I've begun some strength training. The first phase is called "Anatomical Adaptation" and gets the body ready for heavier strength training later.
"Anatomical Adaptation -- The goal of Anatomical Adaptation is to prepare the body for work, increase tendon and ligament strength, increase work-capacity and correct muscular imbalances. The Anatomical Adaptation phase is also used as a recovery phase after peaking. Typically, high numbers of exercises are performed, relatively few sets are performed of each exercise, the weights are light and the repetitions are relatively high (15+). Circuit training with various bodyweight exercises and light implements is common during this phase of training. An Anatomical Adaptation phase commonly lasts around 6-8 weeks for novices and 3-4 weeks for intermediate athletes." -- Levy, Matthew
One of the most interesting things, at least to me, about my first cycling season was how quickly my musculature changed and which muscles were affected. You don't really think about how much your arms, lats, and abs work in combination with your legs to help provide power. But, all those areas are much stronger now than they were in May and June this year and the recommended strength training exercises target these areas as well, so look out, Syd's gonna be a little more buff next year. :D


cominatcha said...

core strength transfers upper body to lower body. Helps fight fatigue of the upper body. After a year of riding, those muscles have deteriorated not just from lack of use but from your body actually using them for energy.

More muscle burns more fat. A strong upper body helps with metabolism.

mtb05girl said...

So I had this training thing all typed out and planned...and I just can't seem to follow it. Lack of motivation. However, I am planning on joining the YMCA in a week or so. I think it will help with the tendonitus that sometimes takes over my knee.

sydney_b said...

mtb05girl, joining the Y will help I think. I find it much more motivating to go somewhere to do the workout -- esp. if I'm paying for it. :) Want to get my $ worth.

gravy said...

"Syd's gonna be a little more buff next year. :D"

I so want to make a buff/naturalist joke, but I know yer dad reads this.

*bites tongue*