Thursday, October 19, 2006


WheelsOne 2003 black Ford Crown Victoria police intercepter (only 24k miles) and one black Surly Karate Monkey set up for 'cross (thx Nate and EP). Let's go racin' -- car's so big I can just take off the front wheel and pop a bike in the trunk. Oh, and there's enough room between the front bucket seats I can fit my messenger bag or my backpack pack there. (That's been one of my pet peeves with all previous autos -- where the heck are you supposed to put your purse (bag, backpack) if someone else is sitting in the front passenger seat?


munsoned said...

So this is what you sold your Subaru for, eh? That's a badass car. Is it a rear wheel dr? That could be a little interesting in the wonderful winters we have here.

Are you planning to have it painted Royal blue and get MWM logos on the hood and doors? That would be schaweet!

sydney_b said...

Interesting idea. Actually, I was thinking those magnetic emblem things might do the trick. 'Spose our illustrious leader would throw that into the team package?

As far as snow and whatnot ... I think it'll be fine. Weighs a ton and there just aren't that many bad days here. Figure I'll just take care while driving. Heck my dad has driven Roadmasters forever and never had a fender bender -- ice, sleet, snow, whatever. 'Course he's a better driver, but I'll be applying his tips and think I'll be fine.


Steve C said...

What year is it? May have traction control, then it will be fine. I've driven numerous Crown Victoria's with RWD in snow/ice that were just fine, due to the traction control.

Plus not having the Subaru gives you more $$$ to spend of bike stuff, which, as we all know, is imperative given how crazy expensive this sport is! arrrghhh :)

Steve C said...

Oh duh, sorry, 2003. Yep it will have Traction control. And about 300 HP too being the police model.

sda said...

cop paint. check.

cop tires. check.

cop engine. check.

ready to (go to a) race.

that thing is crazy.

mg said...

... and laura g is lovin' syd's old subie, so it's all good.

the idea of a 300hp car probably scares laura anyway, so the flock of hamsters under the subie's hood is perfect.

nice ride syd!