Monday, October 02, 2006

Sweet treats for october

Sweet treats for october
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Mmm mmm good. Monthly licorice run. My friend who works down at Licorice International always turns me on to at least one new thing every time I see her. This week, 'twas those licorice/peppermint caramels in the lower right of the pic. They are super yummy and even my licorice-skeptic friend, Janna, thought they were good. Of course, I got some of my favorites: Chalk. These look like pieces of chalk. They've got black licorice on the inside with a peppermint candy coating. Perfect dessert treat. Finally, the Kookaburra raspberry. Tasty stuff. Get on down the shop and try 'em out.


gravy said...


I was eating a twizzler and then had a twix this weekend thinking how there should be a chocolate covered licorice and caramel candy thing.

Do I still have time to trademark my idea?

sydney_b said...

Not the chocolate covered variety. Last xmas they had the raspberry licorice dipped in dark chocolate and boy o boy was it yummy

gravy said...



Let's see... licorice, licorice, licorice, cars-r-coffins bottle...

Nice subliminal messaging.

sda said...

the rasberry variety sounds F-I FINE.




just to share:
my momma and step dad came out here a couple weeks ago. momma had the forsight to ask if I wanted some Mill Blend.

Yer goddamn right I did. I love local coffee and all, but sheeeite I miss that stuff they roast down the HM.

Nothing better than memories and a pleasant morning caffeine buzz. Somehow I feel more complete after that.

just sharing ....