Friday, October 27, 2006

If it doesn't kill you ....

Training in cold wet weather differs greatly from merely commuting and when done on muddy gravel roads can make one question one's resolve, well, at least for about 30 seconds. :) No really, I remember helping turn back cattle and whatnot a-horseback in the winter with freezing toes and fingers, thinking that when I was the boss 'o me I would NEVER spend my time out the cold.....And where do I opt to be?? In the October chill working on my spin with the Monkey's front wheel throwing mud up into my face. Sheesh. No sense. That being said, the Maxxis sponsored Mid-America Cross Cup kicks off this Sunday in Kansas City with the Boulevard Cup and I'm looking forward to racing with the speedy chicks down there. Doing so will help me further identify what I need to work on to be as ready as I can be for the larger November races.


Squirrel said...

MUD IN THE FACE KICKS ASS:) Nice photos of ya on the Omahole bloggy:)

Peace and SUCK IT UP....:)

sydney_b said...

lol. I tell u what, squirrel, henceforth if I see ur name by a post, I'm going to carefully set my coffee aside. That pic about shot it through my nose.

As regards mud, water and sweat for fall training.... i'm trying to think of it as a free spa treatment. You know, burn off the calories, high humidity, open pores, and a mud facial.