Wednesday, October 04, 2006

First real session on the trainer

Whew. Tonight I had a busy schedule and there was no way I was going to get outside to ride, so I opted for my first trainer session, and it wasn't near as bad as I thought it would be. I thought I would be bored to tears and hate it. In fact, I'm feeling like the winter won't be so bad after all. I think the key must be a clearly defined workout. Here's what I did tonight.

15 min warm-up HR < 130
5 min HR 168-170 pushing hard
10 min rest
15 min HR 155-160
5 min rest HR < 120
15 min HR 155-160
5 min rest HR < 120
15 min HR 155-160
10 min cool down

Time passed rather quickly with my iPod and HRM. Legs definitely feeling the effort, but not painful.


monkeygirl said...

I know some guys that used to get together for trainer rides at the d street hotel. We could emulate them some and give that a try to mix it up for trainer rides, not sure where we would meet, but I could roll the cars out of the garage for it once and a while. it is an effort to transport bike and trainer, but maybe once and a while would be fun.

sydney_b said...

you know, that's not a bad idea, esp. when the winter starts wearing on us. Might be real nice to have some company to keep the motivation up.

3p0 said...



girl, what are you doing, get outside and go ride your bike.

hope to see you in the park one of these days.

sydney_b said...

i know, i know, cvo ... time was so tight tho. the trainer makes it possible to get a really good session in about an hour. Hard to do that when u have to get to the hiway before you can start your program. BUT... mostly I hope to stay out in the elements. AND believe u me ... i am looking forward to playing in the park. :)

sda said...

me, rokke, schlake, and urbauer used to have roller races in the living room whilst watching college basketball ... something like sprint everyother posession.

i hate riding inside so much - even when its dark and cold out (ie. winter). i often would go ride loops out at the fairgrounds until i couldn't feel my toes/fingers/ears and then go home and get on the rollers for however long i could stand.

i'm not nearly that motivated anylonger. plus, fort collins has a mild winter. hee hee.

Steve C said...

I have always wanted to get folks together on trainers, have a TV with DVD player, and watch bike races. Of course that is assuming that people other than me like watching professional bike racing.........

cominatcha said...

Trainers are good during the week when daylight is minimal. Even with a niterider it sucks. Eventually you lose peripheral vision and want to turn the damn thing off. If you're one of the luckies that work at night then Mr. daylight is yours. Otherwise, weekends in Ne. aren't so bad outside. Winter doesn't exist around here thanks to pollution.

I dig newbies. They just don't know what's in store for them. HINT: 3-5 hr endurance rides. That's cat. 2 material.

That's probably the best way to do it is in a group. Don't know. Knowone ever wants to go that long.

On your own, in the basement, on the trainer, watching sports. Mentally, it don't get any better than that.

Jonny said...

I sugest cycling video's. That's the only way I can get through them. I sugest the long one day clasics. That way by the time the race is over you have a good 3-4 hours in on the trainer.....

Steve C said...

Pollution? In Nebraska?
The beauty of Nebraska is that pollution is minimal. The air quality here is superb. Try riding in Milwaukee sometime if you want to experience pollution. Your lungs start burning BEFORE you start exercising.

Of course if you classify the dust from our 30+ MPH winds as pollution, then yes, we have 'pollution'. HAHA.

So yeah, I will agree - get outside when you can. Riding in the dark isn't so bad in the early morning when traffic is minimal. In the evening it can be a bit scary.

Re winter - the problem I have isn't the cold (cold stinks, don't get me wrong) but if there is even a chance of icy roads, I'm on the trainer.

Also, early morning rides, although the temps are colder, are nice for another reason - the lack of wind. 35 degrees with a 5mph wind is 'warmer' than 45 degrees with a 25mph wind.

cominatcha said...

The tortures of winter & wind. I like keeping my house cold enough that when i walk outside it " ain't so bad". That goes summer heat. I even ride the trainer with a fan in the cold when its to icy out. This sport is mostly mental. I love it when you're at the start line and everyone's (most) are complaining about the weather. I think" you're already defeated".

That's what makes bike racing. Anymore races aren't torture like what they we're meant to be. Europeans got it going on. We Americans like our "instant gratification" to much. That doesn't just go for cycling. We want it now. No patience. Let's put on a 1 hour crit and get the hell out of the elements. Come on, this is supposed to be about human perceverance.

sydney_b said...


c_c_rider said...

the reason our road/crit cycling is that way is... is because here it's a middle-to-upper class sport. an expensive hobby for most (wasn't always that way though). in europe cycling is a working class sport, and therefore totally different.