Saturday, October 21, 2006


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Troy suiting up to tear up the turf with the 1/2/3s. He's making it look balmy, but it was pretty darn chilly and it snowed for a bit. There were 4 women - me, Janna, Stacy, and Teresa - and we raced with the cat 3/4 men. Race went well and the Karate Monkey was the right thing to be riding - at least I was sure happy to have gears. Also, I was worried the KM would be too heavy to carry across the sand pits, but no worries. The slanted top tube makes it pretty easy because I really don't have to lift. Just hold it there where the TT joins the seat tube and run. :)


Sean Weide said...

You forgot to write that you won!

cominatcha said...

Remember, that if you're a quick mounter/dismounter and runner that is sometimes the way to go. Promoters put a section that everyone struggles on. I watched that little run up on sunday and rode it. Instead of riding up it and struggling it was easier and faster to run up. Saved the straining on those quads for the other parts of the course.

You did a good job. That was just a small part of the course.