Sunday, September 03, 2006

News so far from the Gateway Cup

On the way here ...

Coming into St. Louis during rush hour we saw a couple of motorcyclists ahead of us. Marc said something about it being boxed in for them. Not but a few minutes later a car swerved in front of us. Looking back in the side mirror I watched as one of the aforementioned bikers rolled and bounced down the middle lane like a log down a steep slope. The scene was made more dramatic by a semi bearing down on him. As the semi jackknifed to a stop, the biker bounced up, landing on his feet.

Friday night ...

The first crit ends on the second lap in humiliation. My body whent
numb-like and chilly and I had to throw up, so I quite the race and
spent some time by a big tree. If I was the crying top, there would
have been tears, but instead I went for a walk and tried to figure out
what went wrong. Ended up going to bed early and sleeping the whole
next day until a couple of hours before the Saturday race.

Saturday ....

Feeling really good. Skipped any coffee, stuck with accelerade and
endurox. Warmed up and had a really good race placing 13th in a field
of 25. I know that doesn't sound like much, but I think i'm one of
only 3 cat 3s racing in the open women and if I'd played the backside
of the course smarter I might have done better. I think I let too
many folks get ahead of me there and then didn't have room on the
sprint side to get by them again. Not sure why they are narrowing the
final sprint, perhaps for making it easier to track results?

Sunday ...

Breakfast nap Lunch at Panera's then maybe another nap, then race at
3. More news later.


Sean Weide said...

You are correct Sydney - they narrow the road for the sprint to allow for the camera to capture all the riders. It will be like that every day.

Farnasty said...

Hang in there. Your first races with the "big girls" are gonna force you to learn quick.

Good luck today and tomorrow!

cominatcha said...

I like it when they make it easier for the officials and more dangerous for the the racers. At speeds of 30-40 mph with 150 guys lets bet on a wreck. The first night we had one wreck into one of those "camera friendly" finishes. I don't see that happening with the tour de france. Why should we have to put up with it?