Saturday, September 09, 2006

Ima Winner

Today was the NE state RR championships and they ran the women 1/2/3 with the men's cat 4. Yeah, u probably know where I'm going with this. There was blood. ;) Anyway, yesterday I woke up and my legs felt like solid lead and I hadn't even got out from under the sheets. I made it to my comp and popped an email to my teammate and asked, "My legs are gone! What should I do?" He said relax, drink lotsa water, keep your feet up and gave a prescribed pre-race spin workout. Sure enuf, I felt a lot better by nightfall. Got my gear together and went to bed.

Woke up @ 5 and started pumping some accelerade. Topped that off with a double-mocha-soy and eggos with peanut butter and chocolate syrup. Breakfast of champions fer sure. Janna showed up. We picked up Marc and headed for the venue.

They ran me and Morgan, the defending state champ, with the cat 4 men. Lotsa chatter during the first 3 laps among all the racers. Jokes, some singing, and of course, TJ razzing. But, on the 4th lap things picked up a bit and on the final circuit the group began to split for real. Unfortunately, the 56 mile race was starting to get to some folks and towards the end of the 5th lap there was a wreck. I don't know what happened. All I know is that John Vondacek was right ahead of me and suddenly there was a pile of bikes in front of us and gravity had its way. At this point, I was ahead of Morgan but thot she was right on my tail and had passed me while I was down. Furious that I'd got the wrong side of the bike down two weekends in a row, I grabbed my bike from the top of the pile, hopped on and tried to pedal off. No go. Dang chain was off. Fixed that, but still had problems gettin outa there. Looked down. Bars pointed one way, front tire the other. Damn. Grabbed the wheel tween my knees and twisted the bars mostly straight and took off. John V. had already cleared the zone and I put everything I had into catching him. I figured the two of us might be able to catch the front group. I just couldn't stand it if I lost cuz of asphalt kissin. So, I caught John and we traded a couple of pulls with him doing a bit more work, (I did work on the hill tho), and managed to catch the front group. Whew. First problem solved. Where was Morgan? I searched. I was so sure she was going to jump me on the hill while my legs were dead from bridging and I wouldn't be able to escape the pack and try and run her down that I was nearly in a frenzy. Didn't see her tho and got my mind back on riding soon enough to run right over a dropped water bottle. Criminey. This is a road race. How many obstacles must there be?

Anyway, kept trying to move to the front of the pack cuz now I was nervous about the sprint. I didn't want to be in the middle of these guys when they went to sprint. I'd had enough road rash for one day and I still hadn't found Morgan.

So, by the time we come around the second to last corner, I've given up on finding Morgan and am focusing on just getting into a spot and gearing that will let me pick up speed when the group goes. Then we come round the final turn and the sprinting starts. I just give everything I've got cuz that's all u can do and cross the line.

About a block later when I can breath again I realize I probably look a bit dramatic. during the crash I'd lost the scab on last weeks right elbow wound and put a new shiner on the left leaving me with two forearms covered with plenty of blood. It was kinda cool. I've seen a lot of my own blood and it doesn't bother me much unless it's like shooting away from my body. Then I get a little nervous.

Had a great time. Can't wait for tomorrow's crit even tho there's only one 90 degree corner. ;) Is three the charm?


Jason said...

So, are you saying Morgan wasn't in the group and that you won the race? You look good with blood on your arms...

Cornbread said...

Nice work!

podunk said...

The suspense of the disappearing Morgan is killing me.

Thrilling tale, though. You're fast & tough, no doubt about it.

bluno said...

the thrill of victory... the agony of... victory?

sydney_b said...

Yeah, Jason. I'm not sure where things went awry for her, but she didn't zip by me during the crash sequence. I must admit however, that worrying about it was really kind of exciting and hugely motivating. When John V. and I were trying to catch back up to the group, my legs were just dying but I kept telling myself it didn't matter and I think John did the same 'cuz he was fighting cramps. The coolest thing was he and I both won our categories.

Thx, cornbread and podunk.

bluno, the only agony involved was the brief moment of time where I thot my bike might be unrideable. That was agony. Once I was back on board, there was hope and it was thrilling.