Wednesday, September 13, 2006

hmm. should i trade in my bike saddle?

This is Cosmo, half-brother to a barrel and roping horse my dad sold earlier this year. Cosmo came to us as an emaciated 2 year old and has grown into a big, speedy, good-looking true black quarterhorse. He's looking and riding so good I'm almost tempted to trade back to stirrups 'stead of pedals. (I should also mention Cosmo is for sale. Let me know if you're interested.)


Anonymous said...

So Cosmo is a half-brother and a quarterhorse. Does that make him a threeforths horse? :-)
Obviously I am horse terminology stupid but a funny came to me.

Congrats on your biking success.

Tom B.

monkeygirl said...

that is a really nice looking horse.

Steve C said...

Hmm, so which is more expensive, horses or bikes?
Horses require boarding....bikes require maintenance. Both sports have chance for injury. I think it is a push...

Coach_KB said...

Do both...Life it too short!

cominatcha said...

Remember that wrong turn we took in St. Louis? Ended up seeing a gang on horses. That was hilarious in an odd way.

I don't like wasting 15 minutes mowing. I don't mind horse shit. He can stay in my garage.