Sunday, September 24, 2006

Branched Oak and Wind

Started the 'cross training program Sunday with a ride out to and around Branched Oak lake. The wind was from the northwest and pretty stout. Made for a tough ride there, but a really fun return trip. Another bonus was getting to see the air show jets.


gravy said...

I got all the way out to the wetlands by Capital Beach yesterday.

Phew! Nearly four miles! :p

Is there a monday night trek? Gonna get l_sting out?

sydney_b said...

hey gravy... did u get a bike at the auction the other day???

gravy said...

Nope. I went but the selection of "Splash" walmarty mountain bikes did not peak my interest. I came away from the auction wondering if bike thieves around here just have crappy taste or they know what they are doing and keep the choice bikes.

Rode bikewise, about three, Huffys from the 70's. They looked like Sante Fe Huffys.


scott showen said...

i saw you riding north down nw 12 street, must have been on your way to the lake.