Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Back on the keyboard again

Rubbermaid's FastTrack system is a great way to organize your bike stuff.
A couple days and now I can type again. Laugh if you want, but just tape a couple of your fingers together and see how fast you can communicate. Anyway, thank you all for your well wishes -- they really cheered me up and prevented me from kicking my own butt for being too wound up and stiff to take that dip properly.

Was down at the shop and ep was emphasizing how much I've crashed lately .... It's true. 3 weekends in a row, but I only for sure claim Saturday's as totally MODF (my own dam fault). Methinks it's because I'm a beginner and have managed to get to a point where my speed outstrips my skillz. Oh well, I'll keep working on 'em and figure next year will see much less of me in area hospitals.

In other news, I am finally getting organized and found great way to store my bikes. Rubbermaid makes these strips you hang on the wall and then specialized hooks for various items. It's not an expensive system and you can get it at HomeDepot. Rubbermaid calls it their FastTrack product. I think I'll be able to get four bikes on one strip.


MOD said...

At the races we always new when someone was getting faster because they always would have a string of crashes. It comes down to being able to ride faster, but your reflexes haven't quite caught up. It'll come...


gravy said...

Nice organizing idea.

I'm still gonna cringe when I see that hand split pic.

Please don't post that ever again... Please to get an injury like that ever again.

3p0 said...

practice young Jedi,

you just need to get out and ride some more trails. We need to see ya on the tuesday nighters more often.

glad your fealing better,

that cut looked evil.

I'm glad you can look back and smile about it.

you gonna head down and check out the action at the caves this weekend? It's a marathon. and that means you can go at your own pace and just have a lot of fun the entire day. Plus that place rules.

even if your not gonna race, it's still a great place to head on down to and watch some biking for a day.

maybe will see ya there.

monkeygirl said...

good to see you back out here in blogville. Interesting point you make, the exact same one they make

sydney_b said...

thx for the encouragement, mod. i'm going to keep at it cuz the XC stuff is sure alotta fun.

gravy ... sorry 'bout the pic. I'll definitely try not to post such stuff in the future.

3p0, i am planning on doing caves. I love it down there and i'm going to get to more tues nighters now that road season is over.

monkeygirl, yeppers, tho i think i have a teensy more sense or at least luck than that dude. ;)

monkeygirl said...

I think so too, he was just being crazy.

Squirrel said...

"MODF" this is the great thing about racing dirt.....99% of the time it will be your own damn fault. Now with the road racing well I think you know the answer there:)


gravy said...

If you know of anyone with another seat, i've never been to the caves. I'd like to check that out and do some wooot woooting!

dale said...

I'm not sure the track for storage will hold the weight of four bikes.

I put those "C" hooks into ceiling studs. I hang the bikes vertically, one hook per bike. In the high garage ceiling area, everyone in the family but me can walk under them without hitting their heads.

sydney_b said...

The track is not only screwed to studs, but also secured by drywall fasteners about every 6-8 inches. B/c of the way the weight hangs and the high-quality steel construction, and published weight tolerances of 350 lbs/shelf, I don't think there will be any problem, but I'm going to run a test and will let you know if my bikes fall in the middle of the night.