Thursday, September 14, 2006

2nd XC Race Saturday

Surly in the cube Saturday will mark my 2nd XC race ever (1st was Manawa). For this week's Swanson race, I went and pushed to be put in the expert catagory so I could race with Roxzanne Abbott (what was I thinking???!). Got to ride the course last nite with her and she's prolly gonna kick my behind, but the SS Karate Monkey and I will do our best to make it a race. Stay tuned. (Pic of Roxzanne from Nebraska Cycling News)


gravy said...

Imma gonna go to the police auction and see if I can find a roadster on Saturday.

Let's wish each other luck.

monkeygirl said...

so the instructions to swansan on nebcycling, do those really work, if I take 80 to 75 head south and follow the signs, ok there may be a little more than that, but does that basically get me there?

sydney_b said...

cool, gravy!(???) namechanger u. Goodl luck. You might want to slip out to the storage place early and note which ones u want to bid on.

monkeygirl, the directions work.

DIRECTIONS: Take Hwy 75 south from I-80 to the Cornhusker Rd. exit. Go west on Cornhusker to approximately 34th St. Look for a brick sign with scrolling red letters for the Fire Department Training Center. Turn north and the park entrance is about 75 yards down the road on the left.

I went there yesterday. The brick sign will be on your left (north)

munsoned said...

Try this map maybe. Swanson park is basically up the street that has a Fireman Training facility. You'll see the sign for that before the Swanson sign.

gravy said...

Yeah... I used to be agua-sox cuz before clipless I wore aqua-socks cuz I didn't care about them getting wet or muddy. But on FFL there's a Socksrider and people got us confused.

Then I was gonna be Bananna Bread, but then Cornbread might think I was a jerk.

So I went with sci~fi. Initials that stood for Scott Charles Ideen ~ Friggin' Idgit. But then you and monkeyg actually called me that outloud and it sounded weird. Plus Fob was like, "sci~fi?"

Fob and a few booze pirates used to call me Gravy...(drunken episode where I tried to say I was groovy and it came out gravy,) so I'll try out gravy for a while.

G-L on yer off-roadin'.

Heck, as you know some people call me Patio.

munsoned said...

You'll have to cut and paste that tinyurl address. This map shows a different way of getting there, but going the I-80 to HWY 75 route won't have any traffic lights. So it could be about the same time.

sda said...

good luck up there syd. its a fun course for the ss. i ran 34x18 (26'er) there last year and that was about right for gearing. spins a lot on the flats, but otherwise rolled everything very nicely.