Friday, August 11, 2006

Well ... what goes around, comes around

Craig Schmidt
Lincoln Plating/Lemond
Picture by Mike Madcharo

So, I spent some time last weekend making fun of skinsuits....and I take it back. I take it all back and most humbly beg forgiveness, for guess who is very likely to be donning something like this? Yep, you're truly. Tried it on this morning and it fits, well, like a skin. Go figure. Want to make your lycra shorts and snug jersey feel like something you could wear to church? Put one of these babies on. Need motivation to stay svelt? Get yourself a skinsuit, get on a bike, and plant a camera man with Internet access along the road. Yikes. I'm inspired.

In other news, I'm headed down to KC for the Tour of Kansas City. Lots of these racer types say "it's so much fun, you should go." I think they really mean "it's pain times 12, but I did it and you should experience it too," but I'm game and my aim is to get as much experience as I can this season, so stay tuned for that report.


Sean Weide said...

It'll be great to see you on the start line at the Tour of KC. Have fun climbing the hill on Cliff Drive. It's a steep one!

monkeygirl said...

Good luck Syd, cannot wait to hear the report. I wish I had met you earlier this year. I would have been down for some of these, nothing I love better than self inflicted emotional abuse from coming in last, ;). Actually I have made tons of progress with that this year. My focus has been distance, segwaying into speed here recently. Thinking of trying some xross stuff this fall though.

sda said...

tokc was always one of my favorite weekends when i was racing. good course(s), good payout, and its relatively close to home.

plus, i always considered it one of the last big races of the year and i was sometimes ready for that after racing since april.

good luck and have fun. looking forward to seeing the results come monday.

almost time for: cyclocross!!! cyclocross!!! cyclocross!!!

Sean Weide said...

Too bad Tour of KC isn't a stage race anymore.