Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Wednesday Worlds

Whew. That's all I'm saying. It was a gorgeous evening and if I hadn't been working so hard to keep up, then I might have taken some pics. Even at the stop, my hands had to be busy stuffing carbs in my system. That being said it was a GREAT ride and I think others would agree. The only bad part was getting my dead @$$ dropped on the Rock Island Trail by John Vondracek. I tried to catch up once on Sumner, but he topped the hill and vanished. I guess there's no way to chase down a man with a water heater to fix.


monkeygirl said...

your so lucky, I had to go to stupid high school open house night. I hate stupid high school open house night, I would much rather be riding bikes.

sydney_b said...

lol. I just don't go. It's not kindergarten for crying out loud. Aren't they supposed to be learning independence?