Thursday, August 03, 2006

Wednesday Wilderness

Wilderness ride.
Originally uploaded by sydney_b.
Out with the Mags. There ended up being 7 of us zipping through Wilderness last night. We went all the way through to Satillo. Highlight(?) of the evening ride was reportedly a naked guy with a helmet scurrying across the trail. Beth saw him. I just heard something large crashing through the underbrush. Guess you never know what you might run into out at the park. Better start carrying a paintball gun or something. Are those legal?


3p0 said...

So syd,

we gonna be able to twist your arm into hokkin up with us and doing the 24 hours of Iowa over in Boone?


sydney_b said...

well, lessee, $50 to enter and $n to drive there, what sort of prizes and whatnot are they handed out? Does sound like a good time tho.

Anonymous said...


Had I known it was your birthday we could have put those Margaritas to use toasting your good health and happiness! Maybe the naked man in Wilderness was a surprise birthday present sent by a secret admirer!