Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Wed ride.

Wed ride.
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Good company can be had on the Wednesday ride, but be prepared to work and if you don't know the area, bring a map 'cause isn't anyone going to wait up. This isn't because they're mean or anything, it's just that everyone going on this ride is there to improve and that means pushing a little. Tonight was my first time and it was great. I didn't pull too much, being mostly content to stay on the wheels of others and watch. These guys are wonderfully generous with thier knowledge and I learned a lot just in the couple of hours we rode tonight. For example, when a train comes zippin' by, get ready to grab the end of it even if you have to sprint for it - you can rest when u get on. During the road race this last weekend, that's something I missed - the opportunity to have a bunch of speedies pull my tired butt along. :D

Anyway, if you're wanting to push yourself a little this would be a good ride to go on. I wouldn't recommend it if you haven't had much experience drafting or moving in a group though. You should also be able to fairly comfortably keep a 20 mph+ pace and be confidently steady in the group, even while checking for others' locations or getting your water bottle. If these are things you want to work on, join the Monday night ride from Blues (6pm) or maybe the Saturday (8am) from Wilderness Perk and let someone know you want to practice. If you're of the feminine portion of the human race, there's a sunday morning ride (8am-Blues) that might also be a good choice.


3p0 said...

I went on the wednesday night ride once,

got dropped on the way outa town.

those folks are fast.

good job.

John Jr. said...

You did a GREAT job tonight, Syd! I wasn't kidding when I said you were kicking my ass ;-)

sydney_b said...

thx cvo. but, you probably got 'em on a day that wasn't so hot. I think that kept 'em slowed down a bit so I could hang.


awww, john, you're just saying that to make me feel good. (but I'll take it anyway, :)

I really enjoy riding with you guys and find I get a lot out of it, conditioning and skill-wise.

gravy said...

Same crew that's heading to Eagle Friday night? Cuz I ride real slow in the dark, so I crash softerly.

monkeygirl said...

well this is a ride to aim for, I really like it that you can break this down so analytically, about the pace and those points. It really lets me make better decisions for myself about the rides I go on. This will be a future ride, but at least now I know what I need to be able to do.thx syd, and yea sci-fi not to worry, I will ride slow in the dark with you I like to fall down softerly too.

sydney_b said...

Nope, sci~fi. The marg ride is nice and slow, specially designed for chatting with your fellow riders, getting not bike-nut sig. others out on bikes, and generally loafing along the trail. If it weren't so dang hot, you wouldn't even sweat.

gravy said...

Oh... Maybe I'll just head out to Elmwood earlier then. I might be old and slow, but I ain't no loafer.

cominatcha said...

Wendesday night worlds! Usually start out for 10-15 miles at a decent pace so as not to drop anyone. At some point, certain roads, it's on. Way to go Sydney. You're watching, asking, doing and learning. That's the key to being a better cyclist. The rest of us are experience so we can handle ourselves around less experienced riders. That's why newbies don't bother me. I know what to expect and hopefully I can teach someone some old tricks.
You're goin to kick ass this weekend in KC. Look out you got talent.