Wednesday, August 16, 2006


Mike Munson
Pic: Mike Madcharo
Wow. What a difference the bike makes. Going from steel to aluminum is quite a change. Today Mike and Marc set me up on Marc's LeMond from last year. Marc also put on his posh cross groupo. So, on tonight's ride I got to taste a sweet modern setup and I'm here to tell you there aint no goin' back.

Marc Walter
Pic:Mike Madcharo

The integrated shifting/brake set-up makes it so one doesn't even have to really think about shifting. Your brain does a subprocess of sorts and keeps the pedal resistance right about where you want it while you consciously try to figure out how you got stuck in the wind *again*.

Also, the aluminum frame is much stiffer than the steel one. Where the steel felt springy and absorbent, the more rigid aluminum transfers power to the road much more effectively. When I applied power I could feel the bike jump forward. It was almost like it wanted to zip up the hills on its own accord, and with the modern drive train, I didn't spin out when I was trying to keep pace with the boys down the hills. Previously, this had been quite the frustration. It was great being able to shift and get something that could keep me with the pack.

Fantastico. I am amp'd up for St. Louis.

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munsoned said...

Congrabulations! It's amazing how efficient aluminum is. I'm glad to help a new team member out.

That bike build was really theraputic for me since I hadn't been able to ride for a while.

Keep me updated if something needs fixed or whatever.