Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Rain rain rain

Rain rain rain
Originally uploaded by sydney_b.
Fenders good but won't help here


sda said...

woah. i haven't seen that in a long time. watchout for the mud slick down there tomorrow (or whenever it quits raining).

adrian said...

Oh...oh no is the "big timer" afraid of a little water..maybe getting the "precious" soaked???

monkeygirl said...

hmmm, someone seems bitter. hehehehehe. Sorry I had to bail so early had to be home for my car which was being delivered back to me. Did you get rained on?, it seemed like it was going to stay perfect when Em and I turned right.

sydney_b said...

sda, good point! Nothing more adreneline pumping on the morning commute than hitting a patch of greasy se neb clay/silt at the bottom of a tunnel.

i wondered where u were going, monkeygirl. weather was absolutely perfect.

ha ha, adrian. I just forgot to install the inflatable pontoon thingies this morning.