Saturday, August 19, 2006

Preacher dude

Preacher dude
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So, the "preacher dude" as Erik calls 'im is on the corner by the theatre hollerin' like there's no tomorrow -- again. I think it's his regular Friday night gig. Some folks mumble about how annoying he is, but I think he adds texture. Kind of like that guy that used to walk around with the biggest hat you ever saw and the campus can man. Unlike the blue-haired and goth kids, who are more of a demographic, distictive guys like the preacher dude and the can man become the type of characters you miss if you don't see them. You wonder where they are and why they aren't at their posts. I wonder what would happen if preacher dudes clustered like coffee houses or the homeless guys up on 14th? Isn't there a Monty Python scene like that??? (I know there are some experts out there, so speak right on up. Heck, if you have a link to the clip that would be cool plus plus.)

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Beerorkid said...

I love that guy.
I mess with him and the other members of his pentacostal cult.
When he tells me I will burn forever in a lake of fire I ask why he threatens me. The cop at the grand will not let me file charges though.
I am not mean, I just ask very realistic questions. I told him if he removed "homosexuality" from his cross I would never bug him again.
so next time I am gonna bring a tape measure and measure the height of his cross. me need to make one taller that is covered in rainbows and says "Jesus loves everybody"

check out and for some good insight.

sometimes it feels good to be screamed at, and then just let it go.

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kinda freaky ehjsuz is pig latin for Jesus eh?