Saturday, August 26, 2006

Pella, IA summary

Well, it was a long ways to drive, but I'm glad I did. Got to race with about 13 or so other women, several of which were dang strong. I ended up coming in 3rd, but only just, and the woman who won it was rumored to be a cat1. I don't know the second place winners category, but she stayed tight on first place and slipped in just ahead of me. I need to practice reading the lay of the course better so I know when I need to be shifted into what. I had great positioning after coming off the final turn plus folks to lead off, but I blew it by not getting the right gear in
time I think. Oh well, I guess that's one of the things that intrigues me about this sport ... the complexity of it. Knowing when to go and when not to and all the little things you have to pay attention to in order to do well. It's not enough to be strong and fast, you have to learn the game and play it well too.

In the Cat 1/2s, Tim Farnham blazed to a 30 sec lead win after taking off on the 5th lap or so. He said it wasn't his original plan and it was darn lonely out there wondering if the rest of the crew would swoop up and catch him. Marc Walter won a cash prime, came in 8th, which was in the money, then turned right around and raced the Masters. There he also won the cash prime, and very nearly won the race after opening up a large gap on the field. Unfortunately, he got caught on the final sprint to the line, ending up second. I'm not sure where Craig and Troy came in on the Masters. (please post, guys)

After the Masters race, Troy and Craig lined right back up again to do the Cat 3 race, which turned out to be pretty fast. Troy led for quite a bit, and Craig sort a sat back and hurt today. Craig said he wanted a 'do over' tomorrow and Troy thought the race should have been longer with a longer sprint since he felt better as it went on.

Anyone know this sleeping beauty???

Anyway, that's about it. Met some new folks, enjoyed watching teammates and friends compete, got some experience on the new bike, and am feeling like I learn a bit more every race.


Sean Weide said...

Where's Tim's cowboy hat?

sydney_b said...

yeah, no doubt. that's getting to be a signature deal ... he oughta learn to do a wheelie too. Then he could entertain us during that amount of time it takes everyone else to cross the line.

cominatcha said...

Now you're starting to understand bike racing. It's more than pedalling, going fast, but also one of the biggest mind games in sport. Measuring up your opponent constantly. Then try to think of all that you should do while under the influence of a decrease in glucose. The brain gets fuzzy. I'm glad I don't anything important to think about right after a race. During the cat 1,2 race i made the rookie mistake of not paying attention to the lap cards and missed the ending of the story.

I want to thank Craig and Troy, especially Craig, for getting me that 2nd place in the masters 40+. Bike racing involves alot of team work. Next time around I owe you.