Monday, August 07, 2006

Monday nite ride.

Monday nite ride.
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20 tonight. Several new faces and great to see new folks from last week make it out again. Big welcome to Robert, Nicole, and Jennifer. Also hadn't seen Kim for a long time. Another great group ride happens Saturday mornings at 8. Meet at Wilderness Perk - 14th and Pine Lake. Route isn't set and you can turn around when you like. Starts out slow and reasonable, get's faster the longer you hang on. Or, at least that was my experience when I went last time.


gravy said...

Did you end up walking home?

I'm kinda surprised the troop didn't stop at 77 and Saltillo to gage people's endurance.

We seriously waited at Denton for like ten minutes before the stragglers rolled in. By then we were itching to get back out and didn't leave much time for some to recover. That and it should be mandatory that everyone should state how far they feel they can go and that they at least have one water bottle.

Oh well, it was good to stretch my fat tires on the open road and not get any leg hairs pulled.

sydney_b said...

Naw, hung back with the stragglers 'cause it's no fun to ride alone.

I think you're right. With the number and variety of conditioning levels now attending the rides, the route needs to have a short and long portion, with a split off point.

Moreover, going over the rules of the road, recommending supplies - like water bottles and whatnot - would be good ideas. I'll pass them on to the husker folks who lead the ride.

Twas good to see you again, sci~fi.