Saturday, August 12, 2006

Makin the wait look easy

Makin the wait look easy
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Marc hangin b4 the cat 1 2s do their 50 some miles in the heat


3p0 said...

I happen to know that guy is the iron man.

don't try to beat him in a sprint.

don't try to chug beer faster than him.

don't try to out drink him if tequilla is involved.

don't think he'll stop racing if he's pulled a hammy, cuz he'll try no matter what.

don't try to mac on chicks if he's around cuz he'll out - shmoooz you and the ladies will swooon.

Don't try to draft off him all race and think your gonna come around him in a sprint, cuz he'll knife ya.

don't try to out think him, cuz hes' smarter.

and' don't ask him abou his job, he'll smack you up side the head with a side of beef the size that will make a neanderthall full.

sydney_b said...

lol. 3p0, all that is nuthin' compared to what he can do to a package of cookies armed with a pint of milk. I've seen it myself.

cominatcha said...

That's why i call you guys friends cause you all would do those same things. No wimps aloud. We're all ferocious competitors. Lions :)